Parish Picnic

The Ss. Peter and Paul parish family wishes to thank Andrew Riebeling for chairing this year’s parish picnic. We know that you and your family spent months planning and preparing for the picnic. What you were able to accomplish was nothing short of remarkable. Your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. We are truly blessed to have you as part of our parish family. God’s blessings to you!

We would like to thank all the individuals who helped make our 2024 church picnic a success! From the individuals who stepped up to take a role as a chairperson, to the various church and school organizations who are always involved in our picnic, and the people who volunteered their time, donations, or money to help: thank you. 

When we count the number of volunteers on our sign-up and add in a few other positions that were not listed, we had over three hundred instances of people volunteering their time over a span of seven days to help this year.

Once again, thank you to everyone. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we look forward to next year!!

Fr. Linus Umoren, C.M. - Pastor
Andrew Riebeling - Picnic Chair
Emily Kimutis - Parish Business Manager

Gold Rush

The first Early Bird drawings were at our parish picnic and the next drawing will be held on July 15. We will not sell more than 550 tickets, so chances of winning one of the 7+ remaining drawings are great since your ticket is put back in each of the drawings! We appreciate your generosity, and we look forward to a successful fundraiser. The amount we raise is split evenly between the parish and the  school. Online tickets are on sale at You can pay with a credit card online or drop a check at the parish office. Ticket sales will run until the 4 final drawings in October. Questions or requests for purchasing offline can be directed to Lauren Poettker at or 618-972-4475.

Rekindling the Spirit of Stewardship

We had a great launch to Rekindling the Spirit of Stewardship. Suzan gave an inciting witness to stewardship, you can watch it below. We also had Tracy & John Gedris share their story a few weekends ago. Do you need a new copy of the stewardship form? Click HERE#RekindlingtheSpirit

Todd Osterhage

Courtney Harper

Please pray for Rekindling the Spirit of Stewardship in our parish.


(above photo from 2024 women's ACTS retreat)

Return song at Ss. Peter & Paul on February 11, 2024!

Stewardship Prayer 

Dear Heavenly Father,
Our parish is composed of people like me; we make it what it is.
It will be friendly; if I am.
Its pews will be filled; if I help fill them.
It will do great work; if I work.
It will make generous gifts to many causes; if I am a generous giver.
It will bring other people to worship and fellowship; if I invite them.
It will be a parish of loyalty and love, fearless faith, and noble spirit, if I; who help make it what it is, am filled with these same things.
Therefore, with your help, O God,
Help me to dedicate myself to growing our faith
By being all things that I want our parish to be.

School Scrip Cards

Purchase Gift Cards available through RaiseRight (, our gift card provider, for Christmas shopping & gift giving!  

It is time for the Christmas shopping season!   Gift cards make great gifts and stocking stuffers.  In addition, consider purchasing “gift cards” from SPPCS, to use in place of cash, checks or credit cards for purchases you make for the holidays!  Cards are available in the school office, in the back of church after masses or use an order sheet from the scrip table (HERE). Order early to avoid delivery issues.

Thank you for supporting SPPCS!



The 7th graders at SPPCS started their own podcast this semester called, COOKIES & CATECHISM. It's available on most platforms and they've just published our 2nd episode. More to come! Click here to listen!

Sister Parish in Guatemala

  • First Communion at our Sister Parish in Guatemala
  • First Communion at our Sister Parish in Guatemala
  • First Communion at our Sister Parish in Guatemala
  • First Communion at our Sister Parish in Guatemala
  • First Communion at our Sister Parish in Guatemala
  • First Communion at our Sister Parish in Guatemala
  • First Communion at our Sister Parish in Guatemala

Letter & Report from Father Tomasz Godlewski, Parish Priest of our Sister Parish in Peten

Our sister parish sent photos of the activities they've done so that we can see that our help gives them opportunities to hold meetings, train our volutneers and thus carry out pastoral care. 

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