Liturgical Ministries

2023 Renewal/Formation

The 2023 Renewal/Formation for liturgical ministers (especially Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion) was on the Liturgy of the Eucharist, focusing on the Calling Down of the Holy Spirit (epiclesis), the Words of Institution (consecration), and the Eucharist as a sacrifice. Please follow this link to view the presentation:

2021 Renewal/Formation

2021 Renewal/Formation for liturgical ministers will be on-line and should be completed during Lent. It is a presentation on the Gospel of Mark by our parishioner Donna Lance. During the current liturgical year our Gospel readings come mostly from the Gospel of Mark so this presentation is very timely in terms of helping you better understand Mark’s Gospel. Please follow this link to view the presentation:

2020 Renewal/Formation


Recording of August 6, 2020 livestream of 2020 Renewal/Formation   

The Veil Removed video:

Video also available at The Veil Removed Website along with other resources:

Catalina Rivas Testimony Pamphlet:

Understanding the Mass, by Mike Aquilina

A Biblical Walk Through The Mass, by Edward Sri

Handout   Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at Mass


Supporting a Liturgical Ministry is an excellent way to exercise stewardship within the parish. Ss. Peter and Paul offers many opportunities, and we invite you to explore the many options. Contact Darlene Niebruegge for scheduling information.

Church Decorating
Parishioners decorate the worship space to promote mediation and reflection for major feast days and the liturgical season. Contact Carol Postlewait for more information.

Extraordinary Ministers
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:
Parishioners, commissioned by the bishop, are trained to help distribute Holy Communion at Mass.

Extraordinary Ministers to the Homebound:
Special Ministers of the Eucharist are needed to bring Holy Communion to the parishioners challenged by confinement, to conduct Communion Services.

Extraordinary Ministers to the Nursing Home
Special Ministers of the Eucharist are needed to bring Holy Communion to the parishioners residing at the local nursing home, to conduct Communion Services.

Contact Nathan Higgerson for more information.

Gift Bearers
Individuals, couples and families, in the name of the whole community, present the offertory gifts at the Eucharist. Contact Ken Gibbs for more information.

Serve by welcoming worshipers and assisting their fellow parishioners.

Heavenly Dusters
Volunteers join a team and help keep God's house clean. It takes about 2 hours for a team to clean every 5th week. If you have any questions, please call Judy Mueth at 618.939.3015. 

Parishioners gifted with the ability to proclaim the Word of God at Mass are invited to serve in this ministry. Preparation and training are given. Contact Donna Lance for more information.

Nursing Home Ministry
Your help is needed at Oak Hill Nursing Home with Sunday morning Communion Service. Volunteers assist residents to and from Communion Service beginning at 10:45 a.m. If you have any questions, please call Kathy Rippelmeyer at 618.939.8083. 

Parishioners who assist the priest and deacon with preparation for the weekend, holy day and funeral Masses. Duties include readying the sanctuary and worship space, preparing the host and cups and assisting the servers. Contact the parish office if you are interested in coordinating volunteers for this ministry.

Servers (Acolytes) 
All 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students (SPPCS and PSR) are invited to assist at the alter. Special training is given to the students. We also have an Adult Server Ministry for those adults interested in being Acolytes. Contact Dave Miskell for more information.

Serve by welcoming worshipers, taking up the collection, distributing bulletins and assisting their fellow parishioners. Contact Jeff Kraus for more information.