Father Seyer - O'Holy Night

You may have heard parishioners talk about Father Francis Seyer who was the priest at Ss. Peter & Paul from 1985 - 1997.  He was a beloved priest & was gifted with many talents.  One of his talents was his beautiful singing voice that he shared with the congregation each year at Christmas time.  He sang O’ Holy Night in French & then in English.  It was beautiful. The church lights would dim, soft sounds from the organ filled the church & when he started singing, everyone knew Christmas was here.  

We wanted to bring back this tradition for one year at Christmas Eve mass in 2018. Starting at 4:45 on Christmas Eve, we honored this beautiful tradition by playing a recording of  Father Seyer singing “O’ Holy Night” (the video is provided below for your reference), and replicate the procession of the Holy Family by involving the 5th grade classes & PSR students.  

Ultimately, it was our prayer that replicating this beautiful tradition would be a powerful witness of God’s presence in our lives, even for those that may have stepped away from the Church.  This provided a warm invitation for those who returned to Ss. Peter & Paul. Because no matter where you may be in your life, God’s arms are always open & you always have a home at Ss. Peter & Paul Catholic Church in Waterloo!