Funeral Services

The bereaved family or the funeral director can contact the parish office to make arrangements for a wake service, funeral Mass and burial. Parishioners are willing to assist with the preparations and serving of a luncheon. Call the parish office for information.

Ss. Peter and Paul Cemetery
Ss. Peter and Paul owns and operates Ss. Peter and Paul Cemetery, located on Highway 156 west of Waterloo. A Cemetery Committee serves to oversee the maintenance of the cemetery. For information and to purchase lots, please call the parish office.

Cemetery Endowment Fund
Please consider donating to the Cemetery Endowment Fund. Funds are invested and only the generated interest, dividends and capital appreciation can be used. The principal remains restricted and untouched. Besides normal upkeep like mowing, there are future maintenance and improvement projects planned. Our parish cemetery is a reflection of our respect for the souls of our departed loved ones. Envelopes can be found at the Church exits.