YM Volunteer Opportunities

Youth Ministry(YM) Commission
The YM Commission is dedicated to promoting comprehensive youth ministry in the parish – involving our youth in every facet of parish life. Commission groups to be apart of:

Grade School Commission (K-5th grade)

Middle School Commission (6th-8th grade)

High School Commission

College Commission 

Sunday School
Ss. Peter & Paul no longer has a Sunday School program. BUT we are looking into the resources to potentially restart the program. If you'd like to be involved, please call Catherine Burkart in the parish office. 

Vacation Bible School
We’re praying this awesome VBS program will touch children’s hearts and lives with God’s love!  This VBS program will remind kids that . . . .  

When life is unfair . . . . God is good!

When life is scary . . . . God is good!

When life changes . . . . God is good!

When life is sad . . . . God is good!

When life is good . . . . God is good!

To have the best adventure possible, we need volunteers who can give time, energy and love to the kids that attend!  We are seeking adult & high school volunteers (and a co-director for VBS).  If you are interested, please contact Lauren Niebruegge at LaurenNiebruegge.vbsdirector@yahoo.com or 618.917.6606.