Child Protection

Who Needs to take the Child Protection Training Course?

If you are volunteering or employed at our church, school or any of it's events where children are involved, you must be in compliance with the Diocesan Policy on Child Protection. You can find the full policy here

To be in compliance, you must take the Initial Child Protection class and have all required paperwork completed and on file with the diocese. The Diocese has decided to make a change regarding our Initial Child Protection Policy Training by bringing it online. To find the online initial child protection class, please follow the link

Each year after you complete the Initial Training Session, you are required to take an online refresher course.

We require that the CANTS forms be filled out each year at the time of enrolling your child. This is to avoid the CANTS forms from getting expired and keeping you updated on the Diocesan Child Protection Policy.

All volunteers, parent volunteers, coaches and chaperones are also required to complete a criminal investigation background check for the state of IL unless you have been fingerprinted due to employment with our parish or Diocese.

If at any time you would like to check your status for compliance with the diocesan policy, please contact Emily at the parish office 618-939-6426 ext. 20.   

The forms below should be printed, filled out and originals returned to the Parish Office


Volunteer Application

Initial Child Protection Training