Tuesday Speaker Series

4th Tuesday of the month from 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM at the Adult Faith Formation House

Aug. 28, 2018: “Questions & Answers about some of our Catholic Practices and Beliefs.”  Panel:  Fr. Osang, Fr. Sebastian, Fr. Von Deeke, Deacon Tom.  Host: Patti Stirnaman

Sept. 25, 2018: “Corporal Works of Mercy. Presenter: Carla Coats, Julie Powell, Janel Holmes, Karen Waterman. Host: Dorothy Kohler

Oct. 23, 2018: “Getting to Know Jesus in Scripture AND Tradition. Presenter: Parishioner Joyce Springer, Master of Arts in Theology. Host: Carrie Higgerson

Nov. 27, 2018: “Getting to Know the Women of the Bible”. Presenter: Karen Seaborn. Host: Cate Gross

Jan. 22, 2019: “Sharing our Stories of Faith” Presenters: A Panel of Parishioners Host: Patti Stirnaman

Feb. 26, 2019: “An Evening with St. Joseph”. Presenter: Nathan Higgerson and Deacon Candidate Dave Miskell. Host: Rich and Beth Lyons

March 26, 2019: “Presenting Different Ways to Pray” Presenter: Michelle Miskell. Host: Donna Lance

April 23, 2019:  Mother/Daughter Tea. Presenter: Tina Carrico. Host: Dawn Helfrich & Karen Seaborn

May 28, 2019: “An Evening with the Holy Spirit” Presenter: Fr. Sebastian. Host: Michelle Miskell

June 25, 2019: “Tour of our Parish Church” Presenter: Deacon Tom Helfrich. Host: Dawn Helfrich