Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council assists the pastor in developing pastoral priorities and setting pastoral goals for the parish. The council has established standing committees to advise on specific areas of pastoral concern. The council meets on the second Tuesday of every month.

 Pastoral Council Constitution

Standing Committees of the Pastoral Council are:

Liturgy: This committee assists with the planning and celebration of parish liturgies and para-liturgical celebrations and is responsible for training and coordinating the various liturgical ministries.

Cemetery: This committee oversees the operation, maintenance and policies of the cemetery.

Stewardship: This committee provides ongoing stewardship education including coordination of various events such as the stewardship campaign and ministry fair.

Christian Education/Formation: This committee coordinates the Christian education and formation in the parish. i.e., RCIA, PSR, SPPCS, Pre-Cana, Sacramental preparation, adult study, Sunday School, VBS, youth ministry, etc.

Social Outreach Committee: This committee serves to raise the consciousness of the parish community concerning the social mission of the Church, including social justice.

Maintenance/Project Management: This committee oversees all capital improvements and maintenance required on parish facilities and properties.

Service: This committee coordinates with the many organizations and committees of the parish that provide fundraising and service projects throughout the parish in an attempt to balance the parish activity calendar. The committee is composed of representative from the various councils, committees and organizations.

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