Marriage Enrichment

Great Date Night!

A Date with a Purpose!
The following Fridays: Nov. 2, Feb. 1, March 1, April 5

New this year: an opportunity to have a date with your husband or wife… a date with a purpose! Join us for one or all of these Great Date Nights. Drop your children off at the Mary Anne Gibbs Room just before 7:00 p.m. (Be sure to call ahead so we know to have enough childcare helpers!) Walk across the parking lot to the Adult Faith Formation House where you will be greeted with a beverage, a very brief presentation on a particular topic of interest to married couples (no more than 15 minutes!) which will give you ‘food for conversation’ as you leave on your date! Husbands and wives are encouraged to spend some time together, either walking our lovely downtown area, stopping at one of our fine establishments for a fashionably late dinner or beverage, perhaps sharing an ice cream treat, or driving to a local park and relaxing on a park bench together. The limit is your imagination on where you go together, just the two of you. Yes, for these special evenings, ditch your friends and spend time just the two of you. It is very important to RSVP to 939-6426, ext. 22 if you need childcare that evening!



Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Weekends are held in the St. Louis metro area. In addition, there is a group of married couples who meet monthly after attending a Marriage Encounter weekend to reflect on ways to keep their marriage healthy.